Kindle a Good Fire

I have customers ask me all the time a variation on this question:

I’m new to this or feel drawn to this but I don’t where to start or what I need?

To this I always feel like the world’s worst business owner because I usually start by saying. NOTHING!

Magic starts from within and so does piety. The best place to start is in your sacred center.

I most often than not take them to our altar and begin explaining:

Most religions the world over have some representation of flame. I would suggest you start there. If you are overwhelmed or nervous, start within. Inside each of us lives a burning flame, the spark of order and divinity. I feel that it lives in your heart or what I call your heart shrine.  With every beat of or heart the universe beats within us. So start by taking 10 minutes a day to stop, light a candle and begin to concentrate on that candle. Begin to think of that candle as the energy and might of your heart shrine, feel it connect to your heart and pulsate with your heart.  Feel this flame wash over you and burn away all that is not needed. Feel it flame and flicker into your head igniting the fire in your head and igniting your mind and your creativity. For a while just be, just sit there and feel the warmth wash over you. Reflect on your good fortunes. Think of those in your life that you love, think of your health, your wealth and all the good things in your life and think now that as that flame burns within and about allow to be the light that shines out into the universe drawing more good things to you. Let it also be the light that burns of your virtues and know that you are a child of the sun, the moon, the stars and the earth and you have great power. With great power comes great responsibility, you must shine on and light the way for others in need.

Others like the idea of a cauldron, well or chalice. Here are the waters of magic, potential and rebirth. Like fire so to do you have a cauldron of the soul. Here within, flows the blood of your ancestors, here within, flow the DNA of all living things, here within, are the sacred waters. Stir your cauldron awake like you have kindled the fire of your heart shrine. Allow these waters to gush and wave all about you. Feel them cascade over your head and down your arms, torso and legs. Feel them as they draw forth from the cauldron before you and the waters of our earth mother, feel those waters as they cleanse you and invigorate you. Let these waters ripple out from you and feed the souls of those who thirst around you. Be the flame, be the well….

So to answer your question as to things you might want or need.  I prefer to have a representation of fire and water. Beyond that it is up to you. Most people set up some kind of altar or space to do their magic and rituals. Do you like gemstones and shining things? Then put them on your altar. Do you like images or statues of deities? Then put them on your altar. Pictures of ancestors and beloved dead might have a place there. If you have animal allies then statues, photos, etc. then you could them there. There is no right or wrong answers. As you begin to do more then you may decide you need a wand, or an athame which is like a magical knife. Some people like more props to help them get in the right mindset. Think of them as items to help put you in the right frame of mind and get you to transition mentally and spiritually from normal or mundane to sacred. Robes, staffs, jewelry, incense, drums, bells, and all kind of things may help you and the more you read and learn and the more you work on it the more you will know what YOU need. Just remember the magic comes from within. With all this said you may find that entirely other things work for you and what I just described holds no value to you. That’s OK too, many roads lead to the sacred center it’s up to find which one feels right to you.


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